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Expert Services


Our team is certified to offer McAfee Expert Services

Backup and Recovery


End Point Protection

• Access Control and users behavior monitor
• Integrate security solutions administration
• Mobile devices protection
• Device Control
• Disk Encryption
• Secure Virtualization solutions
• Host Intrusion Prevention Systems
• Anti Malware Solutions
• Sensitive Information Monitor Solution
• Data Loss Prevention
• End Point Web Filtering

Network Protection

• Next Generation Firewall Solution
• Network Anti-Spam and Anti Malware
• Network Web Filtering
• Network Behavior Analysis
• Network Data Loss Prevention
• Network Sensitive Data Monitor
• Network Security Analysis and Diagnostic
• Network Access Control
• Network Threat Monitor

Risk and Compliance

• Vulnerabilities Management Solutions
• IT Regulations Compliance (HIPAA, SOX, PCI)
• IT Risk Management
• Vulnerabilities Scan
• IT Security Assessment
• Next Generation SIEM